How To Choose Which AP Tests To Take? A Comprehensive Guide

AP Tests are not mandatory, but essential. They help students in understanding what lies ahead in college and get a feel for managing their time between different coursework. If you are a high school student wondering what good it would do to add to your workload by taking these AP Tests, think again. AP Test grades can essentially earn you free college credits. If you manage to earn enough credits, you can skip a couple of crowded freshmen courses and potentially reduce your burden in college. You may even be able to work part-time by using this free-time. It is essential to choose which AP tests you take very carefully. This is because these tests are not all about reducing your workload. These tests and the effort you put into preparing for them can actually give you a head start in college. Let us now take a look at how you should choose which AP tests to take.

One of the first things you should be clear about before deciding on which tests to take is what course you wish to pursue in college. This will make the first few tests that you should take very clear because they’ll be the course essentials. If for example, you wish to study medicine, then you must definitely take AP Biology and AP Chemistry. These are a must to give you a head start at med school.

Once you select the essential AP courses, you then need to play it carefully. This is because the essential courses will usually be tough and take up the bulk of your study time. Hence, it is very important not to overload yourself with other tough courses even if you may find them interesting. This is where playing to your strengths comes into play. You should definitely pick at least two tests that you are already proficient in or can ace with self-study. If you are a native Spanish speaker, then test such as AP Spanish Language should be a walk in the park for you.

It will be easy for you to secure an excellent grade of 4 or even a 5 in these tests. They boost your score and earn you valuable free college credits. These will come in handy and allow you to skip basic freshmen courses such as English and Mathematics. Lastly, you should also take AP tests which you find interesting or enjoyable. This will broaden your skillsets and greatly increase your employability when you pass out of college.